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The Lake Maggiore region has lived from tourism for over a hundred years thanks to the many varied attractions of the region. The tourism sector is of considerable importance and is favoured by the varied countryside, the mild climate, plenty of sunshine, places of historical interest and the friendliness of the people.
The area offers its guests a peaceful holiday as well as cultural and sporting activities.

The town of Locarno unites the splendour of the Alps with the serenity of the lakes, its mediterranean climate and luxuriant vegetation contrast dramatically with the ruggedness of the Alps.
The region enjoys the most hours of sunshine in Switzerland (2,300 hours yearly), with warm summers and mild winters. The proximity of the Alps makes Locarno a convenient starting point for a variety of excursions into the valleys and into the heart of the alpine chain. In addition the cultural life of the town is rich and varied, offering a programme of colourful events.